If you're an incoming student and you're looking for a place to live during your mobility, you have two options:

Living in the dormitories

If you're an Ovidius University student, you can choose to live in the dormitories.

The monthly rent is approx 280 RON (about 60 euros).

Here is a map that could help you:

If you're a student at Mircea cel Bătrân Naval Academy, the dormitories are here:


Rent an apartment

Here and here  are some websites where you can find a place to call ”second home”, with the specifications that:

”camere” means ”rooms”

”apartament” means ”apartment” (pretty obvious, right?)

”garsoniera” means ”studio”

We recommend you to choose the following zones of Constanta:

City Park Mall


Campus (For Ovidius University students)

Bd. (Bulevardul) Mamaia (or Universitatea Ovidius) (For Ovidius University students)

Dezrobirii Street, Soveja Street, Baba Novac Street (For Naval Academy students).

! Please avoid Mamaia Summer Land, even though it's cheap (because it's outside of the city) !