What is a Buddy Student?


You’re an incoming student and you need a Romanian friend to help you around the city and to take care of all the matters such as:

 Finding a house? A tour of the city?

  Introduce you to all the activities of ESN Constanta? Introduce you to other Erasmus+ Students?

Since your buddy will be a native or an ex-Erasmus+ student you will get the chance to find out about all the particularities of the Romanian lifestyle. Sounds great, right?

 If the answers are ”yes” fill in the form bellow!

The sooner you apply, the faster you will get a chance to chat with your buddy through the web and meet your new friend!

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Click here to indicate that you have read and agree to the terms presented in the Terms and Conditions agreement.
In this way we can find more information about you and give you a more compatible buddy.
We can put you in contact with a real estate agency if you want. For this, we need to know more information about your preferences.
Please write here if you want to live alone, with any random Erasmus+ student, or if you have any friends you want to live with, please write their names.
Please write here if you already know a specific neighbourhood you want to live in, or if you want to be close to a place (eg: a medicine student would probably want to be close to the hospital or to the university).
The estate agency might contact you via WhatsApp.