If you're an incoming student and you're looking for a place to live during your mobility, you have two options:

  • Living in the dormitories

If you're an Ovidius University student, you can choose to live in the dormitories.

The monthly rent is approx 280 RON (about 60 euros).

Here is a map that could help you:

If you're a student at Mircea cel Bătrân Naval Academy, the dormitories are here:


  • Rent an apartment

Renting your future second home is not an easy job, so if you need help, you can ask for a buddy student, someone who can help you solve this problem, by filling this form.

If you want to search on your own, here and here  are some websites where you can find a place to call ”second home”, with the specifications that: ”camere” means ”rooms”, ”apartament” means ”apartment” (pretty obvious, right?),  ”garsoniera” means ”studio”.

We recommend you to choose the following zones of Constanta:

  •  City Park Mall
  •  Delfinariu
  •  Campus (For Ovidius University students)
  •  Bd. (Bulevardul) Mamaia (or Universitatea Ovidius) (For Ovidius University students)
  •  Dezrobirii Street, Soveja Street, Baba Novac Street (For Naval Academy students).

! Please avoid Mamaia Summer Land, even though it's cheap (because it's outside of the city) !