ESN Constanta is structured in departments coordinated by the local board. 

Human Resources

Coordinator: Vice President

The HR Department is responsible

for the recruitments process,

forming the volunteers, team buildings

and the Buddy programme.


Coordinator: Marketing Vice President

The Communication Department is coordinating 

all the Social Media accounts, the website and is 

responsible for the internal and external image of

ESN Constanta.


Coordinator: Treasurer

The Finance Department is taking care of 

the financial aspects of ESN Constanta,

is responsible for the partnerships and

is coordinating the ESNcard programme.

Events Planning

Coordinator: Events Coordinator

The Events Department is responsible

for the local and national events.



Sustainable Development

Coordinator: President

The Sustainable Development Department helps

the section to function well

and to implement new ideas. 

This department helps the president to 

take decisions.