Do you want to learn some Romanian words before you arrive to Constanta?  Here we have a list with some useful words. If they are not enough, ESN Constanta organises a Romanian language course.  We can offer you more details when you get here, or you can ask us on facebook or via email. 


Hello! – Buna!

Hi! – Salut!

Good morning! – Buna dimineata!

Good afternoon! – Buna ziua!

Good evening! – Buna seara!

How are you? – Ce mai faci/faceti?

Very well, thank you! – Foarte bine, multumesc!



Good-bye! – La revedere!

Bye! – Pa!

Good night! – Noapte buna!

See you tomorrow. – Pe maine.


Getting directions

Where is/are …? – Unde este/sunt…?

How do I get to..?  – Cum ajung la…?

Is this the road to..? – Acesta este drumul catre..?

I’ve lost my way. – M-am ratacit.

On/to the right – la dreapta

On/to the left – la stanga

Straight ahead/straight on – drept inainte

It’s here. – Este aici.

It’s around the corner. – Este dupa colt.

Go as far as… – Mergeti pana la…

It’s near... – Este aproape de…

It’s next to…– Este langa…

It’s opposite...– Este vizavi de…

Where (to)? – Unde?

How far is it to…? – Cat de departe este…?

Turn right/left. – Luati-o la dreapta/stanga.

Take the bus/ tube to...– Luati autobuzul/metroul pana la...

Sorry, I don’t know this area. – Imi pare rau, nu sunt din zona.

At the train station – La gara

Where is the ticket booth? – Unde este casa de bilete?

A single ticket to...please. – Un bilet pana la …va rog.

I’d like a ticket to..please. – As dori un bilet pana la…va rog.

Departures – Plecari

Arrivals - Sosiri

Your tickets please. – Biletele, va rog.

At the airport – La aeroport

I need to get to the airport. – Vreau sa ajung la aeroport.